Monday, January 28, 2013

January 27th & 28th

January 27th
We went to an amazing buffet for brunch this morning and then we went to the Vienna Museum which had the history of the city of Vienna. There was also an exhibition featuring games played throughout the years and there were Nazi propaganda games on display. I knew that propaganda was very widely used and there were even anti-Semitic children's books created by the Nazis but I had never heard of pro-Nazi board games before.

January 28th 

When we went outside this morning it was snowing pretty hard which is exciting because the weather is going to warm up to about 40 degrees by tomorrow, and we probably wont be seeing any more snow this trip. This morning we went to the Vienna Military History Museum. The main reason that we went was to see the World War One exhibit, however we first went through exhibits about the 30 years war, the siege of Vienna by the Ottoman empire and one wing that just had general descriptions of  military maneuvers in the late 1800's leading up to world war one. A lot of the WWI exhibit was closed off however we did get to see the room dedicated to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand which is important to learning about the Holocaust because WWI was a decisive influence on WWII. The car still has bullet holes in it and they have his uniform with the bloodstains as well as some of the other uniforms that he had worn. There was also a WWII section of the museum which is sloppily done, there is very little information given on plaques and the Holocaust is never mentioned. I feel like there are a lot of good intentions involved in creating some type of memorial, however people just don't know how to go  about creating these memorial or even about bringing that history up. 

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